Jenner – winner – Still

Years ago a relative of a very talented athlete I was coaching decided he would try his hand at being a track and field athlete. He very quickly earned the name “Doc” , as a sarcastic reference to the fact that he always thought he was the smartest person in the group. So what initially started out mockingly as Mr. PHD, became shortened to “Doc”. He lasted for the better part of a year and decided that all of that physical stuff was beneath him. He was going to go to California from Washington, D.C. to show those people out there in L.A. what real talent is really all about. He never made Hollywood quake, but he was able to generate a very good living after buying a semi truck and hauling freight as an independent trucker up and down the state of California. At random times he could not resist the temptation to call me and more or less use his heckling as a way to stay awake late at night on his hauls.

Man, I told you not to call me at this hour of he day.

Yeah, I know. But this is really important.

Important ?

Yeah, important !

What ?

Bruce Jenner finally got the sex change thing done and is all over the media.

Yeah,… it is not exactly news.

What do you mean,..not news ? Any time you are plastered all over all kinds of media, man, that is stone news.

That is not the kind of news I mean.

What kind of news DO you mean ?

I mean, I already saw  Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of VANITY FAIR , so your asking me about it is not really news.

There you go again,..trying to confuse shit. That was Bruce Jenner they were talking about.

BEFORE the cover they were talking about BRUCE Jenner, since the cover they are talking about CAITLYN Jenner.

Why you always cutting this guy so much slack ?

First of all, what he does with his sexuality is none of any one’s business as long as he does not hurt anyone. I remember him as a winner and world record holder and I still see him that way.

The guy changed his sex for Christ’s sake ! How in  pure hell is that winning ?

It is winning because just like he found a way to redefine himself and win in 1976 and go on to bigger things,…. he has done the exact same thing now.

The guy got his sex changed. Do you know what that means ?

Not exactly because I never experienced it, just like I never experienced being the Olympic champion, the world’s greatest athlete and the world record holder. But I do know that what he did back in 1976 wasn’t easy and was the result of a lot of difficult sacrifices and over coming a lot of uncertainty and doubt. The same is true of what he just accomplished.

Jesus,..there is no way you can compare being and Olympic champion and getting a sex change. There is no damned way they are alike.

In your narrow ass way of thinking,.. maybe. But for me I see the guy as a winner in both instances because he did EXACTLY what he wanted to do with his life, against a lot of pressure and resistance .

SO,… you telling me you approve of a person changing their life like that ?

Who’s life is it ?

That ain’t the question or issue.

For me it is. I respect and admire a person who legitimately sets out in life to remake and redefine a life they do not like, overcoming great resistance in the process just makes it more impressive. The fact that sex is involved is not the defining and persuasive issue for me. Assuming legitimacy, you have to admire and respect a person who can totally remake themselves and lives. You would have no problem if we were talking about a person going from being a non-believer to remaking their life and converting religiously.

That is totally different. Becoming a Christian is not a strange change.

First of all, I did not say conversion to Christianity. Christianity is not the only religion in the world .

Look man, I am a true and real Christian. Have been all my life. Christianity is what has sustained our people all these years in this racist ass world.

Since you are playing the Christianity card, let me share THIS with your ignorant ass. There have been more people killed and repressed in the name of Christianity than there ever was,.. or ever will be  from sex changes.

Christianity is not the only religion that has killed people. So don’t go there with that shit !

You are right, Christianity does not have a monopoly on killing. But that was not my point.

Just what IS your damned point ?

In your pseudo-pious perspective you think what Jenner did was to cross some line drawn in sacred sand. I, conversely, think what we have here is a human being who went after things he wanted in life and, against all sorts of resistance and pressure,  got what he wanted out of life. In the process he did nothing illegal, and legitimately redefined and reshaped his life. Caitlyn Jenner is a winner in my book for the exact same reasons Bruce Jenner was/is a winner in my book.

Yeah,…well we read from two different books.

Granted and good.

On another subject, I hear your boy Oliver fired your ass.

Yeah,…. and Jason Richardson and Lashawn Merritt HIRED my ass !

What happened ? How do you explain what happened.

This way. For more than ten years I did every thing I could to build him up and help him develop and grow. If I were to go into any kind of defense or counter action THAT would involve doing just the OPPOSITE,…. and that is NOT going to happen. !

He said some pretty nasty things about you.

And I have picketed and lobbied in my time, along with thousands of others,  for Niggers to have the freedom to express their views. He is entitled to his.

Nigger, you need to come down off that high horse of yours and mix with the rest of us. Don’t let all that high talking bullshit blind you to reality out here.

I have been on the same horse for longer than I can remember. And I am going to ride it until the reins fall out of my hands.

Ride my ass ! Now you KNOW you are wrong about Jenner.

We back to that ?

Yeah, we BACK to that !

Yeah. Well before I hang up on your ignorant ass, let me say this – ” Jenner is a winner,…no matter what first name precedes Jenner “.


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