I knew who it was because of the earliness of the hour. I answered because I felt a small sense of  victorious elation.

I thought you were going to come out to Mt SAC to collect on our dinner bet.

It wasn’t that big a bet for me to come all the way out there just collect a bet that was that easy. However,.. I would have liked to see Tyson run and see what John Smith has done with him since he has been out there training with him and his HSI group.

What do you think about Tyson coming to train with John ?

Under the circumstances, I think it is a good idea. As you already know, I like Tyson and respect John’s work a lot.

Yeah, I remember you telling the world about how much of a team player Tyson was back in 2007 at the World Championships.

Yeah, he won the 100 from Asafa Powell, and the 200 from Usain Bolt, then came back to run third leg on the winning U.S. 4 x 100.

That was a lot of running.

Bet your ass it was !

Speaking of bets, how did you know that they would fall for the April Fools thing ? You trapped me into my betting that they would ignore your blog about Hightower and her cancelling the mile in the U.S..

Listen, man, I know these people and the petty shallow way they think. I knew they could not resist the temptation to try and play I “gotcha” because they thought I had fallen for the April Fools prank about her cancelling the mile in America.

Yeah, how did you know that it was a prank ?

There were two very easy indicators. First the article declaring that she had cancelled the mile was listed as being authored by Ian Stewart III.

So what ?

Ian Stewart is the name of her third husband dummy. Ian Stewart III,….husband number three,….. duh, psyche, psyche.

Oh, yeah, I forgot that. You said there was two things. What was number two ?

Actually there were THREE things.

Now you are playing games with numbers. Cut the cap and tell me what number two was.

There was a French quote attributed to her and I knew damned well that the only French she knew and would speak,….. the French would never understand.

That is weak as hell. What was number three ?

A very good friend called me and told me it was an April Fools prank.

A good friend ?

Yeah, an intelligent and reliable friend had confirmed that it was an April Fools’ joke.

Is that a subtle dig at me ?

Anyone who calls me at this hour can not be either intelligent or reliable as a friend.

Okay, okay, I do not know why I put up with your crap. I ought to just hang up and leave you hanging out there.

Yeah right,…you need to just hang up.

Not until you tell me why you went ahead with the blog when you knew the original stuff about her was a prank.

First of all, I was pretty sure that if I responded as if I was not aware of the prank, she could not resist the temptation to “call” me on reacting to a prank.

That was the basis of our bet, that you would buy ME dinner if they did NOT responded and say “gotcha” ?

Yeah and I won didn’t I. She responded like I bet she would.

What did she say ?

It wasn’t her ?

Wasn’t her ? Then I win if she didn’t respond.

She responded through one of the people in the national office.

Wait a damned minute. The bet was that SHE would react and respond.

Well she did through one of the national office people.

What did they say ?

They snidely pointed out that I had written a scathing blog, reacting to an April Fools’ prank and was therefore very much misinformed and off base.

They were right.

Not really, the whole exercise was to allow them to think that they had finally gotten one over me and in doing so, react ,….and in fact then confirm the fact that some times April Fools are just the opposite of what the April Fools think are April Fools.

That sounds like a double reverse in a way.

That is a  exactly what it is.  It is double reverse SQUARED if you are intelligent enough to get it. And that is why you lost the frigging bet.

So let me see if I got this right. You knew that the stuff about her cancelling the mile was a hoax, but you responded as if you bought the whole thing thinking she would take the bait and react back at you ?

Yeah, wasn’t that the bet we made that she would react back at me ?

Yeah, but in fact SHE did not react or respond back to you,….someone ELSE did. SO,….you lose the damned bet.

Duffy Mahoney was the one who responded at her and Max’s urging.

Duffy Mahoney is NOT Stephanie Hightower.

He works in the national office.

Can you even prove he was instructed by her to respond ?

No,…but we can make another bet about that  if you want .

I am sick of your bets,…you need to pay the hell up for this one because you can not prove it was HER.

I tell you it was done at her  and/or Max’s urging.

That is not what the bet was.

I guess this is another “GOTCHA” incident.

This ain’t no INCIDENT, this is a frigging BET and you need to pay up.

Okay, you got me. Dinner on me the next time I am in L.A..

You damned right !


Brooks T. Johnson

( 407 ) 758 – 0755

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