9532 Pine Terrace Court, Windermere, Florida, 34786, was my original address when I came to Florida in the 90s. When Tiger woods came to Florida in the 90s we shared the same zip code ( 34786 ). Despite the same zip geographical zip code, we were worlds apart in almost every other aspect of our life except one, and we will get to that later in this effort.
Lenny Vaz is my very dear friend and classmate from Plymouth High School, in “America’s Hometown”, Plymouth, Massachusetts. We graduated together ( 1952 ) and over the last decade or so have stayed in pretty close contact with each other. When the Tiger Woods sex thing first broke, Lenny called me and asked,
“Hey, what is your boy going to do now ? “
“What “boy” ? “
” You know damned well what boy ! Your neighbor, Tiger Woods. “
” Lenny, he’s not my “boy”. He’s not my neighbor and I do not have a
clue what he is going to.”
” What the hell do you THINK he’s going to do now with all this s–t !”
” Lenny, I don’t know what HE’s going to do,…… but if it were ME, I
would take my billionaire ass, get on my 135 foot yacht with my family,
tell the captain to turn around when my wife says its time to return to
shore, and tell the rest of the world to kiss my black billionaire ass ” !
” Jesus Christ !!!! Don’t you think he owes people an explanation ? “
” No. “
” C’mon ! He’s an idol and role model to everybody for Christ’s sake !”
” Lenny, I never heard him profess and preach that he was someone the
rest of us should look up to as some sort of representative of goodness
and righteousness. As a matter of fact I have heard people complain
because he uses the “F” bomb on the course and criticize him because
he has NOT taken up causes and issues of righteousness and stuff.”
” I still think he should let everyone know what really happened with all
“WHY ?”
” To clear the air for Christ sakes ! “
” Lenny look, I am reading a very thick book called THE DEFENCE OF THE
REALM – The Authorized History of MI-5, by a guy named Christopher
Andrew. It is over a thousand pages long…..”
” Am I supposed to be impressed because you are reading a book or
something ?”
“No, but dam it, you interupted before I got to the relevant part.”
“RELEVANT part ? WHAT,..”relevant” part ?”
” The part on page 498 that reads, ” We know of no spectacle so
ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality.”
“What the hell does the British public have to do with Tiger Woods ?”
“Lenny, you missed the point.”
“Yeah, really,….just what hell point was that ?”
” Yeah, I heard you the first time. So ?”
“So substitute “American” for British and “press” for public”
” Hmmm,….I have to think about that.”
I mentioned above that there was one area other than proximate geography, that Tiger Woods and I shared. It is the basic shared knowledge that people who perform extreme feats, in any area of human endeavor, have extreme needs for which they have to compensate and over compensate.. This is the matter and motivation underlying greatness and superior achievements. No well adjusted and “normal” person will willingly subject themselves to the stress and duress necessary to train and prepare for real greateness. People who do make these sacrifices have serious issues, and even demons, that they have to exorcise or  otherwise address. That does not mean they are “bad” people, because many are able to express and exorcise their demons in a manner that we find acceptable and even laudable.. Some are able to channel the drive that comes from the demons in ways that we find attractive and praiseworthy, even socially and morally redeemable, but that does not negate the fact that the demons are there. It is only the manifestation that is different.
Next week, for example, I will be at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Doha, Qatar. There are athletes that I personally and directly train who will be there and there are some that I quasi-consult about their training. No matter, at the end of the day, any of them who attain the podium, and most that do not, will minimally be driven by a clinical neurosis and/or clinical psychosis that “ordinary” people simply do not have. Again, this does not mean that they will act in a manner that grosses us out, or offends us, in many instances just the opposite is the case. But all too often
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