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Mommy – Look At What I JUST Did !

It is a standing joke among the athletes I coach ( Joel Brown, Dwight Thomas, David Oliver, etc. ) that I am really baffled by the new electronic gadgets and gear. They are constantly egging and urging me to update my phone and related cyber tools. I was first embarrassed into getting a Blackberry a […]


The phone rang early this morning,….real early. Hello ! Who is this ? Brooks, it’s me. Yeah ? You know who this is ? Yeah I know who the hell it is ! ┬áNo one but YOU would call me this early. What do you want this time ? I just read your latest blog […]

USAT&F – U.S. Athletes – Tricks and Fraud ?

Early this spring a group of European athletes were training with us at ESPN’s WIDE WORLD of SPORTS COMPLEX at Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. We are only a 45 minute flight from Nassau, Bahamas and the IAAF World Relay Championships, so quite a few European teams took advantage of the good weather […]