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Let’s hope this font stays with us longer than the last one. Please note that I have selected “ARIAL BLACK” as the font to show my mastery and control over a machine that thoroughly intimidates and manipulates me,… almost at will. We were talking about the mental aspects and properties of training and coaching peak […]


Miles Dewey Davis is a trumpet player from Alton, Illinois. His father was a successful dentist and his family was essentially black bourgeoisie. In the early 40s he came to New York City to study at The Julliard School of Music, one of the most prestigious schools of music in America.. He desperately wanted to be a […]


LAKE ALMANOR, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER, MIDDLE 80s Jeff Atkinson was a young middle distance runner from Manhattan Beach, California. The Stanford cross country team is up at Lake Almanor, California for our pre-season altitude training and team bonding experience. Atkinson shows up with some loud cut offs and I immediately jump his case. ” Atkinson, if […]