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The drumbeat of drugs drones on………………………..

There are certain inherent benefits of having had the opportunity to observe something “up close and personal” over a long period of time. Put that together with several working brain cells and the fallout can be revealing, and perhaps even beneficial. That is pretty much the case with me and the sport of track and field. […]


It has been a little over two weeks since the USATF national convention and the election of Stephanie Hightower as the new president of the organization. With her election the Bill Roe regime should come to an end as his term goes ” Roe, Roe, Roe,…. gently down the stream,….. and out of power and influence.”. However, it […]

Olympic Gaming

The last couple of installments talked about instances of Olympic “gaming”, or the games people play that have direct impact on Olympic results. In many cases Olympic “gaming” can rival the actual Olympic Games in terms of humor, importance, and interest. But Olympic “gaming”, just like everything else in life, does not occur in a […]

Olympic Gaming

Since we were previously discussing events at the 1972 Olympics, there is another case of Olympic Gaming I would like to share. In 1972 the Germans were very keen on making a very strong statement on many different levels through hosting the Olympic Games in Munich. They were essentially walking a tightrope between trying to make […]


The first Olympic medalist I worked with was on the 1960 Olympic team. Starting in 1968 I have had the good luck and good fortune to have an athlete I have coached at every Olympics Games from 1968 through 2008. I have personally served on the coaching staffs of four U.S. Olympic teams. As result of that […]


In a couple of days USA Track and Field will host its national convention in Reno, Nevada. There are at least two extremely important actions and activities that will take place: 1. Review and perhaps action on restructuring of USATF governance 2. Election of officers Both of these activities are fraught and filled with smokey political power plays […]