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Last weekend I did a clinic for high school coaches in Missouri and was very impressed with the number of attendees ( approximately 700 ) and the overall event management.   However, it was doing one of the breaks between sessions when I was approached by a small group of coaches who wanted to share […]


What was perhaps inevitable, is finally working itself up to a head within USA Track and Field . It actually started back before  2008 when Bill Roe, the then president of USA Track and Field, caved in to the United States Olympic Committee’s  demands concerning a “reorganization”. When Bill Roe, Stephanie Hightower( current president of […]


Let’s start from the very top and the actual beginning. The legitimate and compelling a priori assumption when it comes to USATF,…. is without athletes there is no need or requirement for USATF to even exist. The basic rationale and validity for its existence is for it to support the needs wishes and objectives of […]


It is still a mystery to me why I have my phone “on” all night. But when I remember I have a 20 year old who still lives with us and has a compelling enthusiasm for staying out late, it makes more sense. When the phone rings at 5:00am I snap awake with a start […]

One Stride,… More or Less ? Understanding the Zen of 7 step approach in 110 hurdles

As far back as the 50s, when suggesting the number of steps to the first hurdle, according to the literature, the option was ” either 7 or 8″. However, with very few exceptions, 8 steps became the generally accepted number. In 2008, Dayron Robles won the Olympic Games using a 7 step approach in the […]

Conversation with Dr Satoru Tanigawa

I was at the warm up track at the World Championships in Moscow, 2013,  and feeling quasi-smug because David Oliver was looking good in his rounds of the 110 hurdles. Hopefully we had finally beaten the injury and anemia bug that had plagued him since 2011. That meant the podium was definitely in sight again […]

A – ROD, Now that is the rub !

Hold onto your hat, and tighten your literary seat belt, because this is going to be a circuitous and bumpy ride on the way to making a point I have made earlier in another effort. I remember in the dark and distant past of my youth, Sherlock Holmes ( Basil Rathborne ), Arthur Connan Doyle’s […]

Mommy – Look At What I JUST Did !

It is a standing joke among the athletes I coach ( Joel Brown, Dwight Thomas, David Oliver, etc. ) that I am really baffled by the new electronic gadgets and gear. They are constantly egging and urging me to update my phone and related cyber tools. I was first embarrassed into getting a Blackberry a […]


The phone rang early this morning,….real early. Hello ! Who is this ? Brooks, it’s me. Yeah ? You know who this is ? Yeah I know who the hell it is !  No one but YOU would call me this early. What do you want this time ? I just read your latest blog […]

USAT&F – U.S. Athletes – Tricks and Fraud ?

Early this spring a group of European athletes were training with us at ESPN’s WIDE WORLD of SPORTS COMPLEX at Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. We are only a 45 minute flight from Nassau, Bahamas and the IAAF World Relay Championships, so quite a few European teams took advantage of the good weather […]