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Approximately 99 years ago, October  5,  1917, to be more or less exact ( more about exact later ) the Russians basically withdrew from World War I and the  Russian Communists declared themselves rulers of Russia. The Communists  essentially had two leaders, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin. In the ensuing power struggle, Lenin won out and Trotsky exiled […]

The Last Lap – Coach Ed Temple

Within days of each other Arnold Palmer and Coach Ed Temple left us. Arnold Palmer was mourned and memorialized for the great contribution he made to his sport of choice, golf. He was a transformational presence in that sport, and financially turned it upside down . Coach Ed Temple was just as transformational in the sport of […]


My youngest son,  Cole, excused me from his graduation from high school to attend the Glen Mills’ Jamaica Invitational  Track Meet June 11 in Kingston, Jamaica , IF,…….I took him with me to the U.S. Olympic Trials later in June. He wanted to watch the trials and continue his training with Jason Richardson, Lashawn Merritt, and Mike […]

How Long Does It Take To Get To L.A. From Fresno ?

From the  pre-dawn time of the phone ringing I had a pretty good idea of who it was. Why are you calling me at this ridiculous time of day ? Because I always call you at ridiculous times of day. Well make it short because I can still get a couple hours of sleep before […]


Some times it helps to make what may seem like micro-points by pointing out major, macro-political events and compare them to events and/or people who operate down here at ground level. One of the reasons this works is  despite the difference in magnitude of the events and their effects, at the end of the day, […]

Jenner – winner – Still

Years ago a relative of a very talented athlete I was coaching decided he would try his hand at being a track and field athlete. He very quickly earned the name “Doc” , as a sarcastic reference to the fact that he always thought he was the smartest person in the group. So what initially […]


I knew who it was because of the earliness of the hour. I answered because I felt a small sense of  victorious elation. I thought you were going to come out to Mt SAC to collect on our dinner bet. It wasn’t that big a bet for me to come all the way out there […]

HIGHTOWER – Misses by a MILE

If it were not so pitifully pathetic,….. it would be laughable beyond belief. Stephanie Hightower, the not soon enough ex president of USATF, in her latest effort to lay waste and ravage U.S. A. Track and Field traditions and values, has again abused her office by”banning” the mile in the U.S.. In support of this […]


MEGALOMANIA is defined in WEBSTER’S NEW COMPACT DICTIONARY  as “… the delusion that one is great or powerful …” Corollary and more explicit in the definition of megalomania,… above and beyond the delusion of grandeur and power, is the sense that in addition to being powerful, there is also the compulsion and assumption that one […]

BRUCE JENNER – A hero of mine !

The word is out that Bruce Jenner is going to “come out” about having some sort of gender change. When I was queried about this, the discussion went as follows: Brooks. did you hear Bruce Jenner was going to have a sex change ? Yeah I heard. Does it bother you that a male Olympic […]